Spurs in Perfect Position to Build Foundation Around Victor Wembanyama (2024)


  • The San Antonio Spurs need players who complement Victor Wembanyama's unique style.
  • Potential forward signings like Pascal Siakam or Bol Bol could bolster the team.
  • Prospects like Stephon Castle and Rob Dillingham could fill Spurs' point guard needs.

Now that the San Antonio Spurs have seen firsthand what the 2024 NBA Rookie of the Year can do and how much potential he has, it's time to evaluate the kind of players he needs to be surrounded with. The first thing the Spurs organization has to realize is that they can't put Victor Wembanyama in a box or try to label him as a center or a power forward.

His versatility is like none the league has ever seen in a big man, so the Spurs have to be sure that anyone they bring on board is capable of adapting to Wembanyama's style of play. The Spurs have a golden opportunity to get the pieces they need to put their plan in motion. Not only do they have an insane number of draft picks for this year and the next, but they could also be major players in free agency.

The Spurs don't need superstar players, just solid role players who will complement their dynamic big man. If the Spurs front office can somehow get this process right, it won't be long until they are competing in the postseason once again. The team last made the playoffs back in 2018 and did not qualify in 2019 and 2020, marking the first time in their franchise's history the Spurs went consecutive years missing the playoffs. Hopefully, Wembanyama and the future additions to this team can get them back to prominence and begin raising more championship banners atop the Frost Bank Center.

Ideal Options for the Spurs in Free Agency

The team could find a forward to pair besides Wembanyama once free agency begins

Spurs in Perfect Position to Build Foundation Around Victor Wembanyama (1)

An ideal frontcourt mate for Wembanyama would be a skilled, hybrid-type forward who can bang with the bigs in the paint on defense, help stretch and space the floor on offense, and at least can be an above-average facilitator. Wembanyama needs room to operate, and the Spurs are still trying to figure out who they can acquire in order to maximize his talents.

Acquiring a player in the frontcourt who can space the floor will allow driving lanes to open up for Wembanyama. His quickness makes him a nightmare matchup for most centers when he has adequate spacing. Also, on the defensive end, that player would have to be a strong, help-side defender who can also protect the rim. He would also need to be quick enough to handle bigs and guards alike, and someone who is capable of scoring on the perimeter. He should also be able to help adequately box out, so Wembanyama's value in transition can be maximized.

It is believed that forward Pascal Siakam will be offered a max contract from the Indiana Pacers after having success during their extended run in the postseason. The two-time NBA All-Star and two-time All-NBA selection, who has also won a championship, would be one of the best supporting pieces if the Spurs can convince him to sign with them this summer.

He's at his best when he has an important role, but isn't exactly relied upon to be the main guy. He can create off the bounce, is a good playmaker, and steps his game up in the postseason. Siakam is also an above-average defender who uses his length to contest shots. He's far from a bad defender and should complement any team well on the defensive end.

Another free agent the Spurs could consider is Bol Bol. If the Spurs acquire him, they could have their next version of the Twin Towers, as Bol is listed at 7'3 with a 7'8 wingspan. He hasn't had much experience in his career, but he is still young enough to develop into a complimentary player to put beside Wembanyama. San Antonio would be the perfect destination for him to resume his career. Popovich always seems to get the most out of his players, and he will put Bol in the best possible position to succeed.

Last season in Phoenix, he looked so much more coordinated, stronger, and confident in his movement on the court. This could be a sleeper signing if the Spurs front office chooses to pursue him, and he probably won't command too high of a salary, leaving the option open for the Spurs to make other transactions to help improve the team.

Spurs Could Find Their Future Point Guard In the 2024 NBA Draft

Prospects like Stephon Castle and Rob Dillingham could be available

Spurs in Perfect Position to Build Foundation Around Victor Wembanyama (2)

The Spurs have to take advantage of the opportunity to draft players who fit their system and who can mesh with Wembanyama. Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich often looks for a certain type of player who fits the team dynamic, and the organization could take a huge leap forward as they own the 4th and 8th overall selections in this year's draft. The Spurs' two biggest needs are at point guard and power forward, and they could address both within the top 10 picks. There is a strong possibility that the Spurs will select a point guard with the 4th pick.

There are three players the Spurs could consider taking in this spot. There is Stephon Castle from UCONN, Rob Dillingham from Kentucky, and Nikola Topic. All of these players have plenty of upside with a huge ceiling. Castle is capable of becoming a reliable defensive stopper who could play three positions. A combination of Castle, Wembanyama, and Jeremy Sochan could potentially become a solid foundation for a good defensive team. Castle's lack of an outside shot won't help the Spurs' spacing issues, but it shouldn't be an immediate concern because he has time to develop a decent 3-point shot despite the Spurs needing help percentage-wise from behind the arc.

2024 NBA Teams With the Worst 3-Point Percentages


3-Point Percentage

Portland Trailblazers

34.5 %

Memphis Grizzlies


San Antonio Spurs


Toronto Raptors


Castle also has a good build for the NBA, and with his intensity, he isn't afraid to drive into the lane and attack the paint. Castle may have more to his game than what he showed in college. Defensively, he moves his feet well and rarely loses position when having to fight through screens. He has a confident, competitive spirit and Popovich should love this kid's tenacity and grit if the Spurs choose to draft him.

Another highly touted prospect is Rob Dillingham, who is considered to be the most talented guard in the class. He excels at breaking down defenses, slashing, and finishing in the paint. He can also create his own shot and is lightning-quick in the open court. With his 3-point shooting being so good, Dillingham will consistently be able to create driving lanes, which would be just what Wembanyama needs. If he can get stronger and gain weight without losing any quickness, he could definitely become the Spurs' point guard of the future. The only glaring concern is his defense. He is a bit undersized and has trouble staying in front of his man at times, but his offensive potential is far greater than any defensive liability he'll have.

Nikola Topic is a prospect from overseas and the Spurs have had success with many international players over the years. He may drop down the draft boards due to a knee injury he suffered, so teams will have to decide if he is still worthy of a lottery pick. Topic is fast off the dribble with a quick first step and often initiates defenses to crowd the paint because of it. Passing is his biggest asset. He can throw the lob, can adequately drive and dish, and would fit seamlessly in an offense with Wembanyama because of his unique skill set.

He is super creative with his passing and understands how to use his eyes to look off defenders and get shooters in the perfect position to catch and shoot. Topic does have trouble shooting over defenders, but the Spurs would rather have him focused on running the offense instead of trying to score. No matter who the Spurs choose in this year's draft, they still have next year's draft to make a splash if they need to. They have a total of four 1st round picks in the 2025 NBA Draft, and if things don't begin to improve for the Spurs next season, they have the draft capital down the road to make it work.


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Spurs in Perfect Position to Build Foundation Around Victor Wembanyama (2024)
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