Nicole Zaloumis divorce, fired, married, husband, pregnant, salary, age, wiki, hot • biography (2024)

Sarah Nicole Zaloumis is a TV anchor and happens to play host to a show on NFL She started her carrier in 2004 in WRC-TV. She has also worked for the Big Ten Network. She joined the NFL Network as a sports broadcaster, in 2012. She says that she is the proud mother of two energetic boys and the wife of the most selfless man. She married the professional baseball player, Michael Jones. She talked about Mike and her relationship with him in a broadcast. She also talked how the injury ruined the career of her husband.

She tags Mike as an emotional person. She could easily sense when he is emotionally crushed. The details about how she met Mike and how he became her boyfriend are not revealed to the public. Both of them have not been married before and thus, have not undergone any separation.

Usually, people in the media would have a lot of rumors linked with them. There would be stories about an affair at work or an ex-lover making silent moves. In the case of Nicole, she is clean from such rumors. She talks about her marital life, how she takes care of her kids and her relationship with her boys. She once said that she and Mike disagreed whether to avail the day care center for the kids. With Mike retired from sports, he concentrated on bringing up the kids, while she supported the house, financially.

She does not talk much about her childhood or her relationship with her parents. Her marital life is smooth and she tags him as selfless. This makes us believe that they would not be involved in any divorce rumors, any time soon. The year and the actual ceremony of the wedding are not revealed to the public. Her marital life came into the media limelight only after she announced her pregnancy in 2009.

There were no reports about whether she was married, before her pregnancy. One of the sources tagged Mike as Baby Daddy. It might also be a rumor, but, neither Nicole nor Mike commented on it. There was also a rumor that she threatened her first employer that she would announce that she was sexually harassed if her contract was not let down. To avoid any scene, the company terminated her, as per her request. This rumor is also not addressed by Nicole, nor was approved by her previous employers. There are a few controversies, when it comes to her work but none of those burst into big problems and Nicole never attempted to pick on any of those hints to seek separation.

It is not surprising that her net worth and salary are not provided on the internet. She tends to keep a little of her personal life, under cover. Mike also talks a lot about his wife and their method of raising kids. There was a rumor that Matt Forte had an eye for Nicole. This rumor or story did not take much of a turn as Nicole did not respond to any of his stares. The personal life of Mike Jones is also free of any girlfriends or any clandestine relationships. There are no reports about any misbehavior from his part.

At the time Nicole was joining NFL Network, it was claimed that she was bringing not only a strong female presence but also profound experience to the network. This is true, especially considering that Nicole’s sports journalism experience spans to about a decade. Apparently, she is seen as having followed the examples of Erin Andrews, Lisa Guerrero, and Pam Oliver – renowned female sports journalists. A majority of her audience acknowledge that Nicole is knowledgeable in her field.

As far as Nicole’s sports journalism career is concerned, it was in 2004 that she first covered the NFL while working at WRC-TV. In addition to sports reporting, Nicole was also a host on the Washington Redskins, a weekly show. With time, Zalaoumis also worked for ABC 15 where she covered the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks as well as the Arizona Cardinals.

Apart from that, Nicole also gained experience by sideline reporting for The Big Ten Network as it relates to their football games. While at The Big Ten Network, she also covered the Comcast SportsNet in both New England and Bay Area. At the dawn of July 30, 2012, Nicole started her NFL coverage alongside Mark Kriegel, Eric Davis, and Steve Wyche by offering insightful debates, analysis and news reports. During coverage, Nicole is good at composing herself since her experience has shaped her personality as an anchor, more so of NFL AM. Nicole’s remarkable credibility as an anchor is well-complemented by her attractive beauty, which appeals to most of her fans.

In her career, Nicole has had various emotional moments that were actually associated with basketball. However, a majority of these moments occurred during the early days of her career while working in Medford, Oregon. One particular moment is when Kyle Singler lost a championship game. Nicole, after the game, had an interview with Kyle, who was tearful and rather distraught. This moment, among others, triggered interest in Nicole as it relates to her career.

Nicole’s show, NFL AM, has massive fans not only because of her anchoring credibility but also due to the humor in the show and celebrity appearances coupled with great discussions and interview. As such, most American’s consider NFL AM a worthy alternative to a majority of other sports programs. Additionally, the co-hosts work effectively as a team thereby bringing great experience that keeps the show lively even when its off-season.

Therefore, suffice it to say, Nicole Zaloumis provides an irreplaceable contribution to NFL Network. In comparison to her female peers, Nicole’s credibility is beyond reach not to mention her on-air presence which serves as a motivation and inspiration to most women harboring an interest in NFL. Despite co-hosting in a show dominated by men, Zaloumis still has her grip in the midst of the big boys which even makes the show more admirable to most female football fans.

Nicole Zaloumis divorce, fired, married, husband, pregnant, salary, age, wiki, hot • biography (2024)
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