Chrysler 300 II (2011-2021) fuse box diagrams & schemes (2024)

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Table of contents

  1. Power Outlet Fuse Locations
  2. Front Power Distribution Center (Fuses)
  3. Rear Power Distribution Center (Fuses)
  4. Information about the model

Power Outlet Fuse Locations

Chrysler 300 II (2011-2021) fuse box diagrams & schemes (1)

1 — #12 Fuse 20 Amp Yellow Instrument Panel Power Outlet /Dual USB Charge Only Ports
2 — #38 Fuse 20 Amp Yellow Center Console Power Outlet / MediaHub

Front Power Distribution Center (Fuses)

Chrysler 300 II (2011-2021) fuse box diagrams & schemes (2)

The Front Power Distribution Center is located in theengine compartment. This module contains fuses andrelays. Fuse cavity location and descriptions are printedon the inside of the power distribution center cover.

CavityCartridge FuseMini-FuseDescription
1Fuse – Spare
240 Amp GreenRadiator Fan #1 (Non 6.2L Supercharged)
350 Amp RedElectric Power Steering #1 If Equipped / Radiator Fan (6.2L Supercharged) If Equipped
430 Amp PinkStarter
540 Amp GreenElectronic Stability Control
630 Amp PinkElectronic Stability Control
720 Amp BluePolice Ignition Run / ACC #1
820 Amp BluePolice Ignition Run / ACC # 2
920 Amp YellowAll-Wheel Drive Module If Equipped
1010 Amp RedSecurity If Equipped / Under hood Lamp – Police
1120 Amp YellowHorns
1210 Amp RedAir Conditioning Clutch
13Fuse – Spare
14Fuse – Spare
1520 Amp YellowLeft HID If Equipped
1620 Amp YellowRight HID If Equipped
1850 Amp RedRadiator Fan #2 (Non 6.2L Supercharged)
1950 Amp RedElectric Power Steering #2 If Equipped / Radiator Fan (6.2L Supercharged)
2030 Amp PinkWiper Motor
2130 Amp Pink/20 Amp Blue Police-Headlamp Washers If Equipped Police Bat Feed #2
2240 Amp Green / 20 Amp BluePolice-Engine Cooling Pump (6.2L Supercharged) / Police Bat Feed # 3
2320 Amp Blue-Police Bat Feed # 1
2420 Amp Blue-Police Ignition Run/ACC Feed # 3
28Fuse – Spare
2915 Amp BlueTransmission Control Module (Challenger/Charger Police) / Electronic Shift Module (Challenger)
30Fuse – Spare
3125 Amp ClearEngine Module
32Fuse – Spare
33Fuse – Spare
3425 Amp ClearPowertrain #1
3520 Amp YellowPowertrain #2
3610 Amp RedAnti-Lock Brake Module
3710 Amp RedEngine Controller / Rad Fan Relays (Charger/300) / Electric Power Steering Module (Charger/300) / Fuel Pump Relay (Charger/300) / 5–Speed
3810 Amp RedAirbag Module
3910 Amp RedEPS (Challenger) / EHPS (Police)/AC Clutch Relay / Vacuum Pump Relay / Fuel Pump Relay (Challenger) / Rad Fan Relays (Challenger)
4810 Amp RedAWD Module (Charger/300) / Front Axle Disconnect (Charger/300) / Adaptive Cruise (Challenger) If Equipped
49Fuse – Spare
50Fuse – Spare
5120 Amp YellowVacuum Pump
525 Amp TanAdaptive Cruise (Charger/300) If Equipped
53Fuse – Spare

Rear Power Distribution Center (Fuses)

Chrysler 300 II (2011-2021) fuse box diagrams & schemes (3)

There is also a power distribution center located in thetrunk under the spare tire access panel. This centercontains fuses and relays. Fuse cavity location and descriptionsare printed on the inside of the power distributioncenter cover.

CavityCartridge FuseMini-FuseDescription
260 Amp YellowFront PDC Feed #1
3Fuse (Spare)
460 Amp YellowFront PDC Feed #2
530 Amp Pink/20 Amp BluePolice Sunroof/Dome Lamp Police
640 Amp GreenExterior Lighting #1
740 Amp GreenExterior Lighting #2
830 Amp PinkInterior Lighting
940 Amp GreenPower Locks
1030 Amp PinkDriver Door Control Module
1130 Amp PinkPassenger Door Control Module
1220 Amp YellowDual USB Center Console Rear/Cigar Lighter IP If Equipped
1540 Amp GreenHVAC Blower
1620 Amp BlueLeft Spot Lamp Police
17Fuse (Spare)
1830 Amp PinkMod Network Interface Police
19Fuse (Spare)
20Fuse (Spare)
2130 Amp PinkFuel Pump
2220 Amp YellowPolice Right Spot Lamp Police
2310 Amp RedFuel Door/Diagnostic Port
2410 Amp RedIntegrated Center Stack
2510 Amp RedTire Pressure Monitor
2615 Amp BlueCygnus Transmission Module (Charger/300)/Electronic Shift Module (Charger/300)
2725 Amp ClearAmplifier If Equipped
3125 Amp BreakerPower Seats If Equipped
3215 Amp BlueHVAC Module/Cluster
3315 Amp BlueIgnition Switch/RF Hub Module/Steering Column Lock (300) If Equipped
3410 Amp RedSteering Column Module/ Clock (300)
355 Amp TanBattery Sensor
3615 Amp BlueElectronic Exhaust Valve If Equipped
3720 Amp YellowRadio
3820 Amp YellowPower Outlet Inside Arm Rest/Console Media Hub
40Fuse (Spare)
41Fuse (Spare)
4230 Amp PinkRear Defrost
4320 Amp YellowComfort Seat And Steering Wheel Module (Heated Steering Wheel/RR Heated Seats)
4410 Amp RedPark Assist / Blind Spot / Rear View Camera
4515 Amp BlueCluster / Rearview Mirror / Compass (Charger/300) / Humidity Sensor
46Fuse (Spare)
4710 Amp RedAdaptive Front Lighting / Auto High BEAM / Day Time Running Lamps If Equipped
4820 Amp YellowActive Suspension If Equipped
49Fuse (Spare)
50Fuse (Spare)
5120 Amp YellowFront Heated Seats If Equipped
5210 Amp RedHeated Cupholders/Rear Heated Seat Switches If Equipped
5310 Amp RedHVAC Module/In Vehicle Temperature Sensor
54Fuse (Spare)
55Fuse (Spare)
56Fuse (Spare)
57Fuse (Spare)
5810 Amp RedAirbag Module
5920 Amp YellowAdjustable Pedals Police
605 Amp TanHeated Washer Nozzles (Charger)
61Fuse (Spare)
62Fuse (Spare)
63Fuse (Spare)
6425 Amp BreakerRear Windows (Charger/300)
6510 Amp RedAirbag Module
66Fuse (Spare)
6710 Amp RedRain and Light Sensor / Sunroof / Inside RR View Mirror / Power Outlet Illumination (Center Console) / Police Run Acc Relay
6810 Amp RedDual USB Power Outlet R/A Sense (Charger/300) Rear Sunshade (Charger/300)
69Fuse (Spare)
70Fuse (Spare)

Information about the model

Cars are associated with one’s self-esteem. And when the Chrysler 300 II car model is considered, it will just blow up any one’s mind at the very first sight. The car was redesigned in such a fascinating way with four sedan doors to make you fly high up in the sky. This car model is also called Lancia Thema, and it was designed first in Europe in the year 2011.

  • The Body: - The Body of the car is styled up with four notchback sedan doors.
  • The Platform: - It is jazzed with LD platforms from Chrysler.
  • Dimension: - The car has a length of 198.6 inches with 75.1 inches as its width and a height of 58.4 inches.
  • The Lights: - The headlights are made up of a bi-xenon HID projector, and strips of LED are running within these headlights. The backlights are also designed in the same way.
  • The Top: - The sunroof is paned in double, and the front grille is horizontally sorted.
  • The Wheel: - The wheelbase is about 120.2 inches with polished aluminum wheels of 20 inches that steal anyone’s heart.
  • The Upholstery: - Inside the car, the seats are made up of leather, and soft-touch Upholstery with curtains and the side airbags add up a very premium look to the vehicle.
  • The Steering Wheel: - It is 8.4 inches in dimension and has the u-connect touch.
  • Pentastar V6 of China and VM A630 have a 3.0L engine, whereas Pentastar V6 has a 3.6 L engine.HEMI V8 has a 5.7 L and 6.4L engine
  • V6 Pentastar is driven by petrol, and VM Motori A630 is driven by diesel.
  • All these generation car models give excellent mileage.

Driving Chrysler 300 II will make you feel as if you are going a piece of heaven, and the brand will help create an identity with a unique style.

All Chrysler 300 II info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Chrysler 300 II (2011-2021) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.

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~Jim evans 08-07-2021
Suddenly my automatic wipers stopped working and rain sensor stopped also

~Carmelo Hernandez 19-10-2021
All my relays got stolen on 2014 Chrysler 300s fuse box under the hood what relays do I need ?

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Chrysler 300 II (2011-2021) fuse box diagrams & schemes (2024)
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