Astrology Birth Chart for Gwen Guthrie (Jul. 9, 1950) (2024)

Date of Birth: July 9, 1950

Deceased: 1999 (Age 48)

Gender: Female

Birth City: Newark, New Jersey

Birth Country: United States

Lat: 40° 44’ 8” N.

Lon: 74° 10’ 21” W.

Alt: 9 m.

Sun Sign: Cancer

Ascendant: Libra

Gwendolyn Guthrie was an American singer-songwriter and pianist who also sang backing vocals for Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Peter Tosh, The Limit and Madonna, among others, and who wrote songs made famous by Ben E. King, Angela Bofill and Roberta Flack. Guthrie is well known for her 1986 anthem “Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On but the Rent,” and for her 1986 cover of the song ” Close to You.”

Gwen Guthrie was born on July 9, 1950, in Newark, New Jersey, United States. Her birth geographical coordinates are 40° 44’ 8” North latitude and 74° 10’ 21” West longitude, with an altitude of 9 meters above sea level. Gwen Guthrie passed away at the age of 48 in 1999.

Astrologically, Gwen Guthrie falls under the Sun sign of Cancer, with Libra as her Ascendant, Taurus as her Moon sign, and Taurus as her Black Moon Lilith sign.

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Planets represent different aspects of personality, life themes, and energies within a birth chart, influencing individual characteristics, motivations, and experiences.

Planets in Signs

Planets in a zodiac sign denote how the energies and qualities associated with those planets express themselves within the context of the themes and attributes of that particular zodiac sign.
Sun16° 51’ 52” Cancer
Moon14° 1’ 31” Taurus
Mercury15° 3’ 1” Cancer
Venus14° 25’ 41” Gemini
Mars12° 13’ 51” Libra
Jupiter7° 11’ 36” Pisces
Saturn15° 4’ 10” Virgo
Uranus5° 55’ 55” Cancer
Neptune14° 37’ 30” Libra
Pluto16° 52’ 21” Leo
Ceres6° 34’ 8” Sagittarius
Chiron16° 45’ 50” Sagittarius
Eros13° 26’ 2” Leo
Hygiea11° 35’ 19” Sagittarius
Juno27° 36’ 56” Virgo
Pallas2° 31’ 48” Scorpio
Vesta7° 46’ 31” Taurus
Ascendant2° 15’ 36” Libra
Black Moon Lilith19° 51’ 30” Taurus
Midheaven2° 36’ 47” Cancer
North Node2° 4’ 11” Aries
South Node2° 4’ 11” Libra
Part of Fortune29° 25’ 14” Cancer
Vertex6° 14’ 31” Aries
Sunin Cancer16° 51’ 52”What does it mean to be a Cancer Sun? The Cancer Sun in the Natal Chart makes you emotional and subject to your moods. You […] Read more » Moonin Taurus14° 1’ 31”The Taurus Moon in the Natal Chart makes you sensual and reasonable. You are empathetic and can be rational and down to earth. You are […] Read more » Mercuryin Cancer15° 3’ 1”Mercury in Cancer in a Natal Chart makes you sensitive and thoughtful. You are imaginative and can be introverted. You frequently think about your feelings […] Read more » Venusin Gemini14° 25’ 41”Gemini Venus in the Natal Chart attracts you to people who are friends first. You need a partner you can spend time with casually without […] Read more » Marsin Libra12° 13’ 51”Libra Mars in the Natal Chart makes you long for balance. You are motivated to express your unique fantasies and find the passion and motivation […] Read more » Jupiterin Pisces7° 11’ 36”Pisces Jupiter in the Natal Chart indicates a generational trend related to your philosophical nature and ideals. The Jupiter house placement speaks to your personality […] Read more » Saturnin Virgo15° 4’ 10”Virgo Saturn in the Natal Chart indicates a generation devoted to simplicity and perfection. You are part of a cohort born to bring precision and […] Read more » Uranusin Cancer5° 55’ 55”Cancer Uranus in the Natal Chart indicates you are part of a generation that dramatically changes society. Your breakthroughs and epiphanies help redefine home and […] Read more » Neptunein Libra14° 37’ 30”Libra Neptune in the Natal Chart indicates you are part of a generation that craves connection. You want intellectual and emotional intimacy. You are artistic […] Read more » Plutoin Leo16° 52’ 21”The Pluto in Leo generation empowers celebrities, giving those with status the authority to lead. Society is materialistic during this transit, and you are part […] Read more » Ceresin Sagittarius6° 34’ 8”Ceres in Sagittarius in the Natal Chart brings an abundance of hope and faith. Your generation is committed to fulfilling your ideals. You are energizing […] Read more »

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Planets in Elements

Planets in elements denote how the fundamental energies and qualities associated with those planets interact with the elemental nature of the signs they inhabit, shaping an individual’s overall temperament and approach to life.
Water ElementAstrologers and other occultists study the water element to understand emotional healing. This element relates to love and compassion. Numerous planets in water signs in […] Read more »Fire ElementThe fire element in astrology is associated with passion and motivation. This element brings creativity and intensifies planets and natal houses. Your competitive nature comes […] Read more »Air ElementThe air element in astrology corresponds to three signs; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. This element is associated with new insights and perspectives. The air element […] Read more »Earth ElementThe earth element in astrology is associated with practicality and grounding. This element is associated with career and wealth. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are signs […] Read more »

Planets in Qualities

Planets in qualities signify how the inherent attributes and tendencies of those planets align with the modalities of the signs they occupy, influencing an individual’s style of action, decision-making, and engagement with the world.
Cardinal QualityThe Cardinal quality in astrology is associated with new seasons and initiative. Cardinal signs mark the equinoxes and solstices. The Cardinal modality represents the extremes […] Read more »Mutable QualityThe third Quality astrological signs are grouped into is mutable. Mutable Signs come at the end of a season. Mutable Signs are associated with flexibility […] Read more »Fixed QualityThe second Quality in astrology is the Fixed modality. Fixed Signs follow the Cardinal Signs, bringing strength and endurance. These signs build upon the foundation […] Read more »

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Planets in Houses

Planets in a zodiac house signify where in life’s areas and experiences the energies and influences of those planets are predominantly focused and expressed.
Sun14° 15’ 5” Tenth House
Moon15° 32’ 40” Eighth House
Mercury12° 26’ 14” Tenth House
Venus15° 25’ 39” Ninth House
Mars9° 58’ 16” First House
Jupiter0° 46’ 50” Sixth House
Saturn8° 39’ 24” Twelfth House
Uranus3° 19’ 8” Tenth House
Neptune12° 21’ 54” First House
Pluto10° 44’ 24” Eleventh House
Ceres7° 34’ 6” Third House
Chiron17° 45’ 48” Third House
Eros7° 18’ 5” Eleventh House
Hygiea12° 35’ 17” Third House
Juno21° 12’ 10” Twelfth House
Pallas4° 2’ 58” Second House
Vesta9° 17’ 40” Eighth House
Black Moon Lilith21° 22’ 39” Eighth House
North Node25° 39’ 25” Sixth House
South Node25° 39’ 25” Twelfth House
Part of Fortune26° 48’ 28” Tenth House
Vertex3° 58’ 55” Seventh House

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Aspects reveal the dynamic relationships and interactions between planets within a birth chart, influencing the way their energies combine and manifest in an individual’s life experiences and personality traits.

Within this birth chart, there are 24 major aspects, alongside 12 minor aspects, as well as 10 extra aspects.

Major Aspects

Major aspects highlight significant connections between planets, providing insights into key dynamics, challenges, and potentials shaping an individual’s life journey and psychological makeup.
Mercury Sextile Saturn
Mercury Square Neptune
Venus Trine Neptune
Moon Sextile Mercury
Moon Trine Saturn
Moon Quincunx Neptune
Venus Square Saturn
Jupiter Trine Uranus
Sun Conjunct Mercury
Sun Sextile Saturn
Sun Square Neptune
Moon Quincunx Mars
Venus Trine Mars
Venus Sextile Pluto
Mars Conjunct Neptune
Neptune Sextile Pluto
Sun Sextile Moon
Moon Square Pluto
Mercury Square Mars
Sun Square Mars
Mars Sextile Pluto
Mars Square Uranus
Mercury Trine Jupiter
Jupiter Opposite Saturn

Explore detailed articles on the major aspects in this birth chart, gaining deeper insights into this cosmic identity. Dive into each aspect and uncover how it shapes Gwen Guthrie’s life journey.

Mercury Sextile Saturnorb: 0°What does Mercury sextile Saturn mean? When Mercury and Saturn are connected in this way, a person will likely have a more serious, organized, and […] Read more » Moon Sextile Mercuryorb: 1°You are emotionally open and communicative if you’ve got the Moon sextile Mercury in your Natal Chart. You likely don’t find sharing your feelings challenging, […] Read more » Moon Trine Saturnorb: 1°The Moon trine Saturn in a chart typically indicates that a person is self-reliant, emotionally mature, and calm. They express their emotions instead of hiding […] Read more » Moon Quincunx Neptuneorb: 1°When the Moon is quincunx Neptune in a Natal Chart, this can create a high level of intuition and even psychic energy, which leads to […] Read more » Sun Conjunct Mercuryorb: 2°Sun conjunct Mercury in the Natal Chart can make you bright, playful, and talkative. Your intellectual gifts are among your best characteristics. You can be […] Read more » Sun Sextile Saturnorb: 2°The Sun sextile Saturn in the Natal Chart makes you sober and mature. Even as a child, you have uncanny wisdom and seem older than […] Read more » Sun Square Neptuneorb: 2°The Sun square Neptune in the Natal Chart makes you dreamy and mystical. Yet you aren’t open to expressing your unique traits because you are […] Read more » Moon Quincunx Marsorb: 2°When the Moon is quincunx Mars in a Natal Chart, there will be many inconsistencies in how this person expresses their emotions. Emotional outbursts are […] Read more » Venus Sextile Plutoorb: 2°Venus sextile Pluto in a chart typically indicates a person is highly passionate about expressing love and affection. They are devoted friends and partners, though […] Read more » Mars Conjunct Neptuneorb: 2°Mars conjunct Neptune in a chart typically indicates that a person is spiritual and passionate about their dreams. They aren’t necessarily religious but feel attracted […] Read more » Sun Sextile Moonorb: 3°The Sun’s sextile Moon in the Natal Chart makes you easygoing and friendly. You are optimistic and share your charming nature without overwhelming others. You […] Read more » Moon Square Plutoorb: 3°The Moon square Pluto in a Natal Chart can bring a lot of challenges, but it also comes with huge benefits if a person can […] Read more » Mercury Square Marsorb: 3°Mercury square Mars in a Natal Chart typically indicates that a person will struggle with decision-making, feelings of frustration, impulsivity, and arguments caused by their […] Read more » Sun Square Marsorb: 5°The Sun square Mars can make you restless. You have an anxious personality and may be energetic and hyper. You find motivation to overcome insecurities, […] Read more » Mercury Trine Jupiterorb: 8°Mercury trine Jupiter in a chart typically indicates that a person has a positive view of life but is also intelligent and grounded enough not […] Read more » Jupiter Opposite Saturnorb: 8°Jupiter opposite Saturn in a chart typically creates tension within a person. One side of them might be enthusiastic and adventurous, while the other side […] Read more »

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Minor Aspects

Minor aspects represent subtler connections between planets, offering additional nuances and layers of interpretation to understand more detailed influences on an individual’s personality and experiences.
Sun Quincunx Chiron
Uranus Square Vertex
Pluto Trine Chiron
Moon Square Eros
Venus Sextile Eros
Mars Sextile Eros
Mars Sextile Hygiea
Jupiter Square Ceres
Jupiter Sextile Vesta
Uranus Quincunx Ceres
Neptune Sextile Eros
Saturn Square Chiron

Discover additional layers of meaning with this collection of articles on the minor aspects found in Gwen Guthrie’s birth chart. Delve deeper into these cosmic nuances to gain a richer understanding of this astrological profile.

Sun Quincunx Chironorb: 0°The Sun quincunx Chiron in the Natal Chart makes you miss opportunities because you hold yourself back. What is Chiron in astrology? This asteroid is […] Read more »

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Extra Aspects

Extra aspects, though less emphasized than major or minor aspects, contribute subtle nuances and intricacies to the overall astrological interpretation, offering additional insights into an individual’s personality traits and life experiences.
Ceres Trine Vertex
Pallas Trine Midheaven
Pallas Quincunx North Node
Ascendant Square Midheaven
Ascendant Opposite North Node
Ascendant Conjunct South Node
Ceres Quincunx Vesta
Midheaven Square North Node
Midheaven Square South Node
Eros Trine Hygiea

Explore how these extra aspects contribute to the intricate tapestry of Gwen Guthrie’s life path through subtler influences. Dive into each extra aspect and uncover the hidden gems that shape a unique cosmic identity.

Ascendant Opposite North Nodeorb: 0°The Ascendant opposite the North Node in the Natal Chart pushes you to find your higher calling. You don’t naturally realize your destiny and may […] Read more » Ascendant Conjunct South Nodeorb: 0°The Ascendant conjunct the South Node in the Natal Chart makes you speculative and inhibited. You focus on your inner needs and are shy about […] Read more » Midheaven Square North Nodeorb: 1°The Midheaven square of the North Node in the Natal Chart makes you passionate and insecure about your career. You seek success and recognition related […] Read more » Midheaven Square South Nodeorb: 1°The Midheaven square of the South Node creates challenges related to your career path. You struggle to find your focus and may feel insecure about […] Read more »

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A house starting in a zodiac sign indicates the area of life where the qualities and themes of that sign are particularly emphasized and influential within an individual’s birth chart.
First House2° 15’ 36” Libra
Second House28° 28’ 51” Libra
Third House29° 0’ 2” Scorpio
Fourth House2° 36’ 47” Capricorn
Fifth House6° 7’ 57” Aquarius
Sixth House6° 24’ 46” Pisces
Seventh House2° 15’ 36” Aries
Eighth House28° 28’ 51” Aries
Ninth House29° 0’ 2” Taurus
Tenth House2° 36’ 47” Cancer
Eleventh House6° 7’ 57” Leo
Twelfth House6° 24’ 46” Virgo
Astrology Birth Chart for Gwen Guthrie (Jul. 9, 1950) (2024)
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