All the flights cancelled so far after major power cut at Manchester airport (2024)

Passengers at Manchester Airport are facing travel chaos after all flights out of Terminals 1 and 2 were cancelled following a major power cut in the early hours of the morning.

Passengers due to fly through either of the terminals have been told to not even travel to the airport if they have flights from Terminals 1 and 2 while Terminal 3 is running but is severely affected. Some flights to the airport are also being diverted.

In an update this lunchtime, the airport announced that all flights from Terminals 1 and 2 were being cancelled "until further notice".

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Manchester Airport stated: "All flights from Terminals 1 and 2 are being cancelled until further notice and passengers due to travel from those terminals are advised not to come to the airport and to stay in touch with their airlines."

Passengers flying via Terminal 3 should go to the airport as normal "unless advised otherwise by their airline", an airport spokesperson said.

Below is a list of all the flights that have been cancelled from Terminals 1 and 2 so far following the outage, according to the Manchester Airport website.

Cancelled flights

  • 5.15am Easyjet EZY2067 T1 to Kefalonia
  • 5.40am Easyjet EZY2273 T1 to Malta
  • 6.05am Easyjet EZY2037 T1 to Murcia International
  • 6.20am Easyjet EZY2267 T1 to Gibraltar
  • 6.40am Easyjet EZY2275 T1 to Enfidha
  • 7.05am Easyjet EZY2183 T1 to Geneva
  • 8.30am Easyjet EZY2209 T1 to Lisbon
  • 8.55am K.L.M. KL1030 T2 to Amsterdam
  • 9.05am Lufthansa LH941T1 to Frankfurt
  • 9.10am Easyjet Europe EJU4056 T1 to Venice
  • 9.15am Gulf Air GF004 T1 to Bahrain
  • 9.20am Scandinavian Airlines SK4610 T1 to Oslo
  • 9.25am Aer Lingus EI3323 T1 to Dublin
  • 9.40am Easyjet Europe EJU7002 T1 to Malaga
  • 9.50am Scandinavian Airlines SK540 T1 to Copenhagen
  • 10am Easyjet EZY721 T1 to Belfast City
  • 10.05am Easyjet EZY2197 T1 to Munich
  • 10.15 Air France AF1669 T2 to Paris Charles De Gaulle
  • 10.20am SunexpressXQ507T1 to Dalaman
  • 10.25am Easyjet Europe EJU3836 T1 to Milan
  • 10.40am Singapore Airlines SQ052 T2 to Houston Intercontinental
  • 10.45am Turkish Airlines TK1994 T1 to Istanbul
  • 10.55am Tap Portugal TP1311 T1 to Lisbon
  • 11.10am K.L.M. KL1032 T2 to Amsterdam
  • 11.15am Lufthansa LH943 T1 to Frankfurt
  • 11.15am Singapore Airlines SQ051 T2 to Singapore
  • 11.35am Easyjet EZY2107 T1 to Paris Charles De Gaulle
  • 11.55am Pegasus Airlines PC1180 T2 to Sabiha
  • 12.05pm Aer Lingus EI3325 T1 to Dublin
  • 12.10pm Easyjet EZY2163 T1 to Amsterdam
  • 12:10pm Easyjet EZY2065 T1 to Kos
  • 1.45pm K.L.M.KL1034 T2 to Amsterdam
  • 1:55pm Easyjet EZY2115 T1to Paris
  • 2:05pm Emirates EK018 T1 to Dubai
  • 2.05pm Jet2.Com LS1013 T2 to Bourgas
  • 2.15pm Jet2.Com LS1009 T2 to Antalya
  • 2.20pm Easyjet EZY2105 T1 to Paris Charles De Gaulle
  • 2.20pm Corendon XC8128 T1 to Antalya
  • 2.25pm Aer Lingus EI209 T1 to Dublin
  • 2.25pm Easyjet EZY2155 T1 to Bodrum
  • 2.30pm Egyptair MS782 T1 to Cairo International
  • 2.30pm Aer Lingus EI045 T2 to John F.Kennedy Airport
  • 2.40pm Easyjet EZY729 T1 to Jersey States
  • 2.40pm Eurowings EW7769 T2 to Hamburg
  • 2:45pm Jet2.Com LS979 T2 to Lanzarote
  • 2.45pm Easyjet EZY2153 T1 to Dalaman
  • 2.45pm Pegasus Airlines PC1182 T2 to Sabiha Gokcen
  • 2.45pm Jet2.Com LS1797 T1 to Zakynthos
  • 2.45pm Easyjet EZY094 T1 to Belfast Aldergrove
  • 2.50pm Tui TOM586 T2 to Ilhda Do Sal
  • 2.50pm Tui TOM318 T2 to Sharm-El- Sheikh
  • 2.50pm Saudia Arabian Airlines SV124 T2 to Jeddah International
  • 2:50pm Easyjet EZY2255 T1 to Hurghada
  • 3pm Qatar Airways QR028 T2 to Doha
  • 3.05pm Jet2.Com LS993 T2 to Paphos
  • 3.15pm Jet2.Com LS1019 T1 to Kefalonia
  • 3.15pm Jet2.Com LS965 T2 to Larnaca
  • 3.15pm Jet2.Com LS997 T2 to Fuerteventura
  • 3.15pm Easyjet EZY2169 T1 to Amsterdam
  • 3.30pm Tui TOM2784 T2 to Rhodes
  • 3.30pm Jet2.Com LS919 T2 to Tenerife
  • 3.45pm Jet2.Com LS867 T1 to Dalaman
  • 3.45pm Easyjet EZY715 T1 to Isle of Man
  • 3.50pm Tui TOM2764T2 to Kos
  • 3.55pm EZY2009 Easyjet T1to Tenerife
  • 4pm Jet2.Com LS905T1 to Heraklion
  • 4.10pm Easyjet T1EZY705 to Belfast Aldergrove
  • 4.10pm Jet2.Com LS949 T2 to Krakow
  • 4.20pm Tui TOM2750T2 to Faro
  • 4.25pm Jet2.Com LS957 T2 to Alicante
  • 4.25pm Easyjet EZY2165 T1 to Amsterdam
  • 4.25pm Jet2.Com LS1747 T2 to Gran Canaria
  • 4.30pm Jet2.Com LS983 T1 to Bodrum
  • 4.30pm Easyjet EZY2123 T1to Rome Fiumicino
  • 4.30pm Jet2.Com LS1737 T1 to Rhodes
  • 4.30pm Jet2.Com LS837 T1 to Kos
  • 4.30pm Jet2.ComLS1701 T2 to Antalya
  • 4.35pm Jet2.Com LS925 T2to Palma
  • 4.35pm Jet2.Com LS1705 T2 to Lanzarote
  • 4.40pm Easyjet EZY2265 T1to Marrakech
  • 4.55pm Tui TOM2770 T2 to Dubrovnik
  • 5.10pm Jet2.ComLS1023 T1to Faro
  • 5.15pm Jet2.Com LS1731 T2 to Ibiza
  • 5.15pm Turkish Airlines TK1996 T1 to Istanbul
  • 5.25pm Aer Lingus EI3327 T1 tp Dublin
  • 5.30pm K.L.M. KL1036 T2 to Amsterdam
  • 5.30pm Tui TOM2774 T2 to Larnaca
  • 5.30pm Easyjet EZY2187 T1 to Geneva
  • 5.35pm Tui TOM2722 T2 to Heraklion
  • 5.45pm Lufthansa LH2503 T1 to Munich
  • 5.50pm Finnair AY1366 T1 to Helsinki
  • 5.55pm Tap PortugalTP1313 T1 to Lisbon
  • 6pm Easyjet EZY2229 T1 to Prague
  • 6.05pm Easyjet EZY2211 T1 to Oporto
  • 6.10pm Lufthansa LH947 T1 to Frankfurt
  • 6.10pm Air France AF1169 T2 to Paris Charles De Gaulle
  • 6.15pm Tui TOM2730 T2 to Paphos
  • 6.20pm Royal Air Maroc AT819 T2 to Casablanca
  • 6.20pm Sunexpress XQ505 T1 to Dalaman
  • 6.25pm Easyjet EZY2035 T1 to Barcelona
  • 6.25pm EasyjetEZY2179 T1 to Amsterdam
  • 6.25pm Sunexpress XQ595 T1 to Antalya
  • 6.30pm Ethiopian Airlines ET729 T2 Addis Ababa
  • 6.40pm Easyjet EZY3838 T1 to Milan
  • 6.40pm Easyjet EZY2201 T1to Berlin Brandenburg
  • 6.45pm Swiss International Air Lines LX381T1to Zurich
  • 6.45pm Easyjet EZY2237 T1 to Copenhagen
  • 6.50pm Easyjet Europe EJU7502 T1 to Faro
  • 7.10pm Easyjet EZY723 T1 to Belfast City
  • 7.10pm Easyjet EZY727 T1 to Jersey States
  • 7.15pm Easyjet EZY2277 T1 to Alicante
  • 7.15pm Easyjet EZY2109 T1 to Paris Charles De Gaulle
  • 7.20pm Sas Scandinavian Airlines SK542 T1 to Copenhagen Kastrup
  • 7.25pm Tui TOM2776 T2 to Tenerife
  • 7.25pm Tui TOM804 T2 to Dalaman
  • 7.30pm Eurowings EW2471 T2 to Stutgart
  • 7.40pm Aer Lingus EI3619 T1 to Belfast City
  • 7.55pm Eurowings EW9345 T2 to Dusseldorf
  • 8.20pm Tui TOM2752 T2 to Ibiza
  • 8.25pm Easyjet Europe EJU7270 T1 to Palma
  • 8.30pm Easyjet EZY707 T1 to Belfast Aldergrove
  • 8.40pm Sas Scandinavian Airlines SK2550 T1 to Stockholm
  • 8.55pm Aer Lingus EI3329 T1 to Dublin
  • 9pm Bangladesh Biman BG208 T1 to Dhaka
  • 9.15pm Emirates EK020 T1 to Dubai
  • 9.25pm Qatar Airways QR024 T2 to Doha
  • 9.45pm Easyjet EZY098 T1 to Belfast
  • 11.10pm Turkish Airlines TK1916 T1to Istanbul

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All the flights cancelled so far after major power cut at Manchester airport (2024)
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